I guess I stumbled into energy therapies as a last hope of addressing an anxiety condition that I'd had all my life.

Ironically the introspection, that anxiety sufferers can have, led me to analyse my condition in some detail. This, in turn, led me onto a journey of self help, looking for a way to help me get better.

So I looked at diet, supplements, herbs, exercise, hypnotherapy and CBT, good places to start and of course very helpful for some, but for me; not the golden ticket.

Which then led me to think, why do some people have anxiety but not others? Where does it stem from? How do we end up with it? Is it nature or nurture or both?

Then it was research. Discounting the things I'd already tried, I looked at other healing modalities and started getting very interested in the work of Donna Eden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Bradley Nelson, Gary Craig and Vianna Stibal. All energy based healing pioneers.
Reading the research and importantly about the results people were getting with a whole range of emotional and physical conditions, made me start taking energy healing very seriously.

Having had some success using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) I could see that this was the way forward and that trapped emotions causing emotional or physical conditions were a real thing and made a lot of sense to me as someone who had for years been analysing their own condition. So I bit the bullet and became an EFT practitioner. With that in the bag I became interested in other energy healing modalities. EFT showed me that I could literally 'tap' away trauma, phobias and pain;  so these things I was 'tapping' away were trapped or stuck heavy energy within my body.


Adrian - Healer

Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies, so we are energetic beings, our bodies, our energy field or aura and indeed our thoughts too. Everything is energy

Everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies, so we are energetic beings...

our bodies, our energy field or aura and indeed our thoughts too. Everything is energy! In the words of Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla.

Having now understood and practised unblocking that trapped heavy energy and seeing its amazing effects I became curious as to other ways of moving or manipulating energies. This led me to the work of Vianna Stibal and Theta Healing. Theta state is experienced just before you fall asleep (Delta) and in meditation. It's also the recognised general mind state from birth to around six or seven years old. This suggestible state of mind, used in meditation and hypnotherapy, makes babies, toddlers and children very open to suggestion where they absorb information like a sponge and the subconscious mind takes it on and stores it and measures the emotional reactions around all interactions, all stored as energy.

The subconscious mind is all knowing and any trauma will be stored as dense heavy energy, a dominant energy or frequency attracting more of the same until it is cleared and resolved. Indeed its no coincidence that most of the biggest trapped energies occur at a very young age getting bigger and bigger as we grow older attracting more of the same energy until it is addressed and removed. Most of my energy blockages occurred at ages three, four and six.

Bringing in muscle testing or basic kinesiology helped me speed up the process of finding the root emotional blockage and interestingly the timeline, finding out exactly when it occurred. This process could take one back to being in the womb and even back generations on either parents side, as unresolved energy can be passed on genetically back many many generations.

So through my own trials and testing and healing myself I know I now have an extremely effective and rapid healing modality; cherry picking the very best techniques and using them all together for profound and effective healing.