I think its true to say that most people become healers because they are drawn to it.

Drawn to helping others. This journey often starts after addressing your own health issues.

All our life experiences, good or bad, make us the person we are today and its important to understand that as you move into healing. I had many years of, at times, profound ill health. Pain, Chronic fatigue, depression, migraines, to name but a few problems.

The umbrella term and allopathic diagnosis for my symptoms and ailments was eventually fibromyalgia. Cure? Nope, sorry. Oh. So that's that then?!

So then what? Accept it? Shrug your shoulders? I think for a while we all slip into poor me, why me, not fair etc... that's normal, but I know with me I got to a point that I'd had enough. Enough of pain and fatigue and feeling like crap. Living half a life, in the shadows.... I got sick of victimhood and I wanted to fight. But what to do?

So I couldn't be helped by my doctor, or any allopathic practitioner apparently, so the quest to heal myself went off on the yellow brick road in search for the Emerald City.


Vincent - Healer

I've witnessed first hand the effectiveness of these healing techniques, they worked when nothing else did and I am eternally grateful for that.

My first encounter was with a spiritual healer.

He was great, kind, empathic and after every session I went to I felt a shift, not miraculous but very promising and symptoms eased enough for me to take it seriously. I began training in spiritual healing myself. I had always been an empath, always had an understanding of the energetic world and I'd had many experiences throughout my life that allowed me to realise we are energetic beings having a physical experience, how there is so much more going on than we are led to believe. Finally, I felt like I was coming home to my true calling. But I also realised I had a huge amount of work to do on myself first.

My curiosity in energy healing grew and I became interested in Theta Healing. This modality pushed what I knew even further as the techniques involved in Theta Healing not only heal and shift the blocked energies and beliefs but also help one understand the root cause of the problem, which was a breath of fresh air. This was now becoming truly exciting!

Then an interest in EFT eventually directed me to the work of Dr. Bradley Nelson who, like in Theta Healing, uses muscle testing to ask the body and the subconscious mind what's going on, particularly on an emotional level. I now had all the skills and tools to not only find the root cause of an illness or energy blockage, but to remove it too. When receiving and giving healing I was regularly surprised at when and how these emotional blockages occurred. I have gained a tremendous understanding of how we are such multi dimensional beings, how past lives and the lives of our ancestors inform the present moment too.

Today I am well; in all ways. I've witnessed first hand the effectiveness of these healing techniques, they worked when nothing else did and I am eternally grateful for that. Now I am driven, and passionate to take what I have experienced and learned out into the world and help others heal, find answers and empower themselves too. To know that there is hope, that there are always answers, that there is always a way, a path to freedom, to health, and always a path out of shadows and into the light....