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Healing Buildings and Land

What we do for people we also do for places. Buildings and land suffer traumas too! When traumatic negative events happen in particular places it leaves dense energetic imprints and blocked stagnant energy that over time also attract more dense energy to that particular area too. Like attracts like. So when clearing a house or piece of land, we always go back to the root and clear the original traumas first. This can be very old and could have been having effects on the area, buildings and people for a long time! Healing often involves returning soul fragments to people involved in the original trauma and any since and also to the Spirit of the Land itself.

If you have moved to a new house and you want to start with a clean slate, we can clear the old stagnant energies and program your new abode with positive, life affirming energies. It might be that your house is causing issues in your life because of the negative energies left behind by previous inhabitants or the land itself has historic trauma that needs resolving. We can identify this and communicate with the energies and heal and release them accordingly. We have witnessed profound changes in the lives and experiences of people (and animals) after clearing a building or an area of land.