Phew! quite an emotional session yesterday but so glad there's been some resolution and understanding on why I've felt depression all these years. Just checking in with you to let you know that I'm ok. Feel a sense of calm and peace.


I found my session very rewarding . I came away with a much better understanding of why I was ill and why the negative patterns in my life were repeating. I found the session relaxing and friendly and you've really helped me. Thank you.


Absolutely fascinating! You really, really have opened my eyes to alternative healing. The pain in my shoulder has gone! I mean completely gone! Definitely recommend you to anyone and I loved how relaxed the whole experience was.

Kindest Regards


I believe you have to be in the right place emotionally and spiritually to do what these guys are doing; what they do is heart centred, but also practical and logical somehow, which appeals to me. We covered so much and yet the time went very fast! I feel as though I have this awareness and understanding of all the pieces now, how they fit together. I have clarity on how my emotional life or at least the blocked areas, were holding me back in so many ways. How certain past events had paralysed me. But I feel as though I am about to start a new chapter in my life! Would recommend In2Light to anyone ready for change. 


I'm still not entirely sure what happened in my session lol! But my insomnia has gone and I feel much more energetic and brighter in myself. Thanks once again!